Video Services

We’ve built video apps for the most watched video events ever broadcast on the Internet

  • Live streaming event apps
  • Video broadcast solutions
  • Video-on-demand apps
  • Video consumption use cases

High-Expertise Video Solutions

We build multi-platform custom solutions for video broadcast and consumption. Live sporting events? Award shows? Video-on-demand? We’ve done it all. Use our expertise to solve your hard video application problems.

We stay at the forefront of video technology innovations and serve on the MPEG-DASH promoters group.

Custom Video Integration

Need a custom video player with custom controls, i18n (internationalization), caption or language needs? We have extensive experience building custom video players for large video distribution companies hosting events like the Big Game, the World Series, and recognizable high-profile animated films.

Video Analytics

Data drives life in the 21st century. We implement custom video analytics solutions to track important metrics like usage, video stream stability, ad impressions, and others. We can aggregate various sources of analytics data to make your data more useful and digestible. We have deep experience with:

  • Conviva
  • Adobe Heartbeat
  • Nielsen DCR
  • Segment I/O
  • Omniture


Content delivery must be able to scale. Success means being able to use the nuances of video delivery to achieve scalability, not just applying web infrastructure scaling models.

Real time or virally spread events cause video content traffic spikes. Let’s make sure your users never notice.

Custom Solutions

Live events or Video on Demand? Desktop or Mobile? Streaming or Progressive Download? Codecs? Bitrates? Aspect Ratios?

Digital Rights

Control access to your content and prevent unauthorized users or usage.

We’ll help you analyze your usage and define the an optimal Digital Rights Management strategy for your content streams.