Keyser chose Digital Primates as a trusted, Chicago-based consulting partner to analyze the business needs of a new initiative and develop a custom software application that could manage the intricacies of ordering, distributing and installing items within the Quick Service Restaurant market.

The Resultant Application Had A 3,000% ROI for Keyser, Earning Them Industry Awards and Opening New Business Avenues Managing Complex Logistics for a Growing List of Verticals.”

Keyser has made such challenges a core part of their business but needed a modern technological take on handling this type of logistics. The system had to come together quickly, be usable across a range of devices and platforms, and integrate with a myriad of inter and intra enterprise solutions to manage the communication, workflow, shipping, billing, schedule and verification of all work items.


The massive workflow system was created in record time, using HTML5, JavaScript and plugin technologies on the front end, integration with Microsoft Workflow and SQL Server on the server-side and numerous REST and SOAP services for communication with external companies and partners. The system was able to save millions by managing regional shipping efficiently and reducing the number of visits to a restaurant due to schedule changes or needed rework.


The resultant application had a 3,000% ROI for Keyser, earning them industry awards and opening new business avenues managing complex logistics for a growing list of verticals.