Adobe Video Player

When Adobe needed to define their next generation HTML5/JavaScript interface for developers they turned to Digital Primates. Our extensive background across a massive range of video projects and clients, coupled with our deep understanding of architecture and the web browser’s inner-workings, made us a natural choice to ensure a framework that would be usable and extensible for years to come.

Because of its prominence as part of an Adobe product line, the framework had to deliver capabilities to meet Adobe’s high standards for visual design. The framework was delivered on time, on budget, with full documentation and with an impressive feature set that exceeded the original scope.

… delivered on time, on budget, with full documentation and an impressive feature set

 Adobe has long occupied a top spot in the delivery of online streaming content. Adobe Primetime  is a multiscreen TV platform that helps media companies create and monetize engaging, personalized viewing experiences. Their Primetime solution is used by many of the world’s top brands to deliver content from sporting events to feature films and original content.  

Adobe Primetime is cloud-based and helps drive subscription and advertising revenue through the use of data and technology. Adobe Primetime reaches 99% of US pay-TV households. Typical Primetime clients are broadcasters, cable networks, and pay TV organizations.

The needs of Primetime clients continue to be diverse, driving the product road map of Primetime in different directions. The video technology landscape has changed a lot over the last 2 decades. The emergence of new end-user behaviors and preferences put pressure on the existing product feature set. After all, modern consumers expect to consume content on any platform or device, wherever the user happens to be located.

As browser capabilities matured, and Adobe knew they needed enhancements to their product set, Adobe selected Digital Primates as their architectural and implementation partner for the next generation of Primetime video clients.