Where Digital Primates stands apart is our approach to consulting.

As you would expect, when you have a need for an application and don’t have the skills, desire, or time to handle the technology internally, Digital Primates development teams are ready. We can undertake the entire project, staying in close communication with you to take it from concept to completion. Or, on-site and hands-on, we can strategically augment your in-house staff to guide them through. What you might not expect is that we are frequently called in as mentors, to school/coach/tutor client teams on the intricacies of development — often without writing one line of code ourselves. In every engagement, our goal is to ensure your developers know the correct way to use the technologies we employ so they become skilled, inventive, and self-sufficient, confident in their ability to wield the code themselves. We look forward to talking to you about how Digital Primates can help your organization harness Internet Technologies in support of your business success.

Enterprise Applications

At Digital Primates we have made a name for ourselves building applications to meet the needs of the enterprise. With vast experience in Banking, Health Care, Insurance, Entertainment and many other industries, we excel at taking your business requirements and building a customized solution uniquely fitting your needs. With expertise in HTML/JS as well as Flash, Flex, .Net and Java, Digital Primates is the right solution for all your enterprise application needs.

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Mobile Applications

At Digital Primates, building next generation applications is our raison d’être. Today, that next generation includes applications for all your mobile needs. We routinely build mobile applications iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, and more. We will work with you to understand your specific needs, before recommending whether an application should be written natively or in a cross platform technology like PhoneGap, Adobe AIR, or Appcelerator. We know there are no one size fits all solutions, but we can bring the same expertise to your projects as we have brought to some of the best known brands on the planet.

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Video Applications

Digital Primates has built video applications for several of the most watched video events ever broadcast on the Internet. Live events or Video on Demand? Desktop or Mobile? Streaming or Progressive Download? Codecs? Bitrates? Aspect Ratios? Digital Primates can help you with all of these questions and more. We have built solutions for live events (sports, award shows, etc.) as well as short and long form video on demand applications. We build custom solutions for video broadcast and consumption. We have delivered these solutions on the desktop and mobile devices with large scale success. As members of the MPEG-DASH promoters group we are constantly staying on top of the newest innovations in video technologies so we are always ready to deliver solutions to maximize the return on investment for your business.

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We deploy technologies appropriate to

develop functional and highly-productive results

for our clients and their projects.

Recognized as the experts who work at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies, Digital Primates brings a different approach to our client engagements.

We feel that the following technologies often provide excellent results

Cordova & PhoneGap

Need help deploying your app natively to a variety of mobile platforms? Cordova & PhoneGap allows us to do exactly that. We’ve deployed apps to both the Android and Apple App Stores, used Ionic with AngularJS to create responsive apps with a platform-specific look and feel, and integrated into a variety of native extensions. Learn more here


Ready to move beyond custom objects and some extra VisualForce pages? Struggling with SOQL query limits, Apex Triggers, or how to move forward? Migrating your massive web application to the cloud? We can turn your app into a real enterprise application, create single page applications for use with Force.com, and deploy it to Heroku. Learn more here


From healthcare to manufacturing to mobile point of sale, we’ve used AngularJS to handle single page application duty for some large, high-performance browser-based applications and slick, reactive mobile apps. We also geek out on getting good code coverage (using tools like karma, jasmine, and istanbul), automating as much of the process as we can along the way (think grunt and gulp). Learn more here


Tired of converting relational DB data into strictly typed Java or .NET objects just to convert them back to JSON for the client application? JavaScript client and server? With the advent of the V8 JIT (Just-In-Time compiler), what could be better? With NodeJS/ExpressJS, we love how much functionality we can get in a short period of time and with a small amount of code. We can even pair it with your favorite NoSQL database. Learn more here


We’ve taken some really messy and really massive Spring/Hibernate servers and have made them orders of magnitude more performant, more stable, and all around more good, all while adding functionality. Tracking uptime and Apdex scores helps us do this. Whether you’re using a Java midtier with RESTful endpoints to serve data to a single page application or using it with JPA for a server-side MVC web app, we’ve got you covered. Learn more here


HTML5 is the latest standard for building applications, and provides a common language for modern browsers, on both mobile and desktop. Learn more here