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Recent Issues

Issue January 26, 2021

  • The State of JS 2020 Survey Results Released by State of JS
  • The JavaScript Landscape in 2021 by Richard Bultitude
  • When a simple React context gets out of hand by Jeremy Ward
  • Custom React hooks to use the browser’s APIs by Sébastien Castiel
  • Using TypeScript transforms to enrich runtime code by Florian Rappl
  • Snowpack v3.0 is here! by Fred K. Schott
  • When GraphQL improves Application Development over REST APIs by Dan Wilson
  • How React Testing Library Can Improve Your Mental Health [Part 1] by Mac Wasilewski
  • How to Understand the Difference Between Function & Class Components in React by Mohit

Issue January 12, 2021

  • ICYMI: Introducing Zero-Bundle-Size React Server Components by Dan Abramov
  • Tried & True Tips from 25 React Experts to Make You More Productive by Kendo React
  • How To Avoid Operating Heavy Machinery While Asleep Or Writing Cleaner, More Resilient Code With XState by Dan Wilson
  • What I’ve Learned in 45 Years in the Software Industry by Michael Collins
  • Jotai vs. Recoil: What are the differences? by Yaroslav Lapin
  • Recursion: A Useful Look at How Recursive Functions Work by Oluwatobi Sofela
  • Announcing Volta 1.0.0 by Chuck Pierce

Issue December 22, 2020

  • Building rich text editors in React using Draft.js and react-draft-wysiwyg by Jeremy Kithome
  • Creating React contexts for fun and profit by Kristofer Selbekk
  • Multi-User Todo App Using SyncState & React by Cyrus
  • Migrating to React Query 3 by Tanner Linsley
  • JSDoc typings: all the benefits of TypeScript, with none of the drawbacks by Gil Tayar
  • Why and How to use TypeScript in your React App? by Mahesh Haldar
  • Styling Components In React by Shedrack Akintayo
  • Inside Figma: a Case Study on Strict Null Checks by Rudi Chen
  • Life of a Pixel by Phillip Rogers

Issue December 8, 2020

  • The most accurate way to schedule a function in a web browser by Benoit Ruiz
  • What You Need To Know About npm Workspaces by Ruan Martinelli
  • In-browser transcoding of video files with FFmpeg and WebAssembly by Colin Eberhardt
  • Use React.memo() wisely by Dmitri Pavlutin
  • Display a List Using the FlatList Component in React Native by Pavneet Singh
  • Transducers: Efficient Data Processing Pipelines in JavaScript by Eric Elliott
  • Render as You Fetch with React Suspense by Peter Mbanugo

Issue November 24, 2020

  • Google Chrome Update Gets Serious: Homeland Security (CISA) Confirms Attacks Underway by Davey Winder
  • How the useEffect Hook Works (with Examples) by Dave Ceddia
  • React Libraries in 2020 by Robin Wieruch
  • React interview questions to expect in 2021 (with answers) by Alex Booker
  • What’s the Difference Between Synthetic React Events and JavaScript Events? by Jennifer Fu
  • useEffect vs useLayoutEffect by Kent C. Dodds
  • Jotai, now with Optics by Kyler Krenek
  • Mock APIs: Different Techniques for React and Angular by Shashikala Parakramasinghe
  • Building a movie search app in React by Roberta Akoto
  • The React and React Native Event System Explained: A Harmonious Coexistence by Nicolas Couvrat

Issue November 10, 2020

  • The Secret of Simple Code – How 10x Developers Produce 10x Value by Eric Elliott
  • TypeScript Conf 2020 Recordings now on YouTube by TSConf
  • Use CSS Variables instead of React Context by Kent C. Dodds
  • React Gets Svelte Flavoured Drag and Drop (or Svelte Actions via React Hooks) by Isaac Hagoel
  • Announcing TypeScript 4.1 RC by Daniel Rosenwasser
  • Building an Ecommerce Operational Dashboard in React by Leigh Halliday
  • Using D3.js v6 with React by John Au-Yeung
  • Svelte for Sites, React for Apps by SWYX
  • Jotai (not exactly Redux) Dev Tools by Skip Krenek

Issue October 27, 2020

  • React v17.0 is out! by Rachel Nabors
  • Cross-platform Mobile Development
    Summit – Nov 13th by Mike Labriola
  • Node Modules at War: Why CommonJS and ES Modules Can’t Get Along by Dan Fabulich
  • Webpack 5 release by Tobias Koppers
  • Presenting v7.0.0 of the npm CLI by Myles Borins
  • The Five Questions Every Unit Test Must Answer—An Interview with Eric Elliott by Dan Wilson
  • Introducing the npm public roadmap and a new feedback process by Myles Borins
  • Writing JavaScript tools in other languages – a new trend? by Dr. Axel Rauschmayer
  • Remix Run Preview – Beta Launch October 28th by Ryan Florence

Issue October 13, 2020

  • New React Docs (@rachelnabors)
  • Security Scanning now available at GitHub (@jhutchings0)
  • How State Machines Saved our Bacon (@_jonesian/)
  • Taking Full Advantage Of Parameterized Routes In React-Router (@cjpillsbury)
  • GitHub Mobile and GraphQL (@_ironham)
  • Gatsby vs. Next.js (@jaredpalmer)
  • An Honest Review of Gatsby (@zeeg)

Issue September 29, 2020

  • The N props syndrome (@mfrachet)
  • Introducing the New JSX Transform (@lunaruan)
  • Introducing visx – Data Visualization Stackfrom Airbnb (@ccardwilliams)
  • How The Hermes JavaScript Engine Makes React Native Apps Faster And Leaner (@danwilson)
  • Best React meetup videos in August, 2020 (@MeetupFeedio)
  • An Introduction To Running Lighthouse Programmatically (@k80bowman)
  • Blogged Answers: React Components, Reusability, and Abstraction (@acemarke)
  • My State Management Mistake (@kentcdodds)
  • V8 release v8.6 is out (@RReverser)

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Digital Primates On Enterprise React

Get the most important articles on Enterprise development in the React ecosystem

  • Delivered 1 or 2 times per month
  • Your email is never rented, nor sold.