Want Happier Business Partners?

Do You Want to:

  • Ship features like clockwork
  • Have more successful deployments
  • Get better feature ROI
  • Create higher staff engagement

Want Happier Business Partners?

Shipping quality features more often improves business partner relationships. Upgrade your teams with the latest technology and know-how to increase productivity and morale. Happy, productive teams accelerate business goals and projects.

Eventually, old technology slows teams down. Teams stuck on older frameworks like jQuery, Backbone, or Ember spend more time than necessary maintaining current functionality and miss the advantages frameworks like React bring.

Skill Transfer

Amidst the chaos, your developers find it hard to make time for skills upgrades. Learning new things causes unbudgeted productivity loss.

Our expert staff helps your teams quickly remap their existing skills and processes with minimal effects on productivity.

Easier Recruiting and Training

The React community is the largest front-end framework community in the world with over 1,000,000 developers. Take advantage of larger applicant recruiting pools to ease hiring.

The large body of available technical knowledge makes it easy for developers to establish and advance their skills.

Faster Features

Modern development techniques boost productivity. Rework and disproportionate maintenance efforts hold teams back.

Implementing React offers a time to objectively examine people, process, and productivity.

How We Work

Digital Primates are experts in Enterprise React. We get to know your people, processes, and business so we can provide tailored help to grow your capabilities. Our team has built and maintained some of the largest, most used React applications on the planet. We can help your teams realign and retool for productive, modern development.

Upgrade with React

Did you know React powers Facebook.com – scaling to billions of users across many devices and platforms? The React framework is also used by AirBnb, Uber, WhatsApp, and Instagram to power their consumer facing applications.

The React Framework:

  • Scales well to the size of Enterprise apps
  • Is the largest JavaScript technology community
  • Highly performant
  • Gives you choice and control