Enterprise React

We’ll build your React practice

  • Retool existing skillsets
  • Grow productivity and versatility
  • Use a common framework for web, mobile, and desktop
  • Build and ship secure, compliant software
  • Hire from the largest JavaScript community

Move Your Enterprise To React​

React from Facebook is the most popular JavaScript framework used today. Standardizing on a common front-end framework for all apps and platforms makes development teams more productive and allows them to move between projects easily.

While React is enterprise-ready, we will guide you through the learning curve of complex dynamics found when creating and deploying applications at enterprise scale. We’ve built and maintained some of the largest and most visible React applications in use today. We’ll share our experience creating modularity, extensiblity, security, and productivity with your teams so they move past common stumbling blocks and quickly ship elegant, maintainable and less-costly application features.

Legacy Integration

Combining old and new technology doesn’t have to be painful. We’ll guide you through the choices, opportunities, and difficulties when integrating React with your existing servers, databases, APIs, and security providers.


The right application architecture provides for an organization’s needs, making teams more efficient, while hiding complexity, reducing inter-dependency, and ensuring extensibility over time.

Team Productivity

Reap the benefits of modern technology. We’ll help you standardize on appropriate architecture and practices that streamline development processes, decrease hiring and training efforts, and increase total team throughput.

Library Selection

In modern applications, library choice is key to productive and scalable workflow but the landscape changes quickly. We’ll help evolve your patterns and processes to keep teams productive and software reliable even when the underlying dependencies shift.

Dealing with Large Code bases

Managing million-line code bases requires different thinking. Such code bases can be unwieldy and slow down development.

Our team has built and maintained some of the largest React applications in use today. We’ll use that experience to keep your project on track.

App Life Cycle Management

Applications grow old, stale, and resistant to change. Proper design reduces many of these problems. We’ll teach and guide your teams in building applications with reduced cost over time.

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Aligned and Productive

Unaligned, non-productive teams are costly. They don’t keep developers invested nor interested.

Switching to React is a good time to realign your teams and internal processes. Often, new tech brings new inspiration. Through reevaluation of the status quo, we can help teams increase their productivity in ways that stick for the long haul. Use our expertise in engineering – both technology and human, to re-imagine your development teams.

Modern and Capable

React is used by some of the largest applications on the planet. There are over 1,000,000 React developers and an emerging community answering questions on YouTube, Stack Overflow, and any other sites devoted to technology.

Join the largest JavaScript front-end framework community and be part of the technology powering the largest apps and businesses around the world.