Flex Application Migration

Flex applications will stop working in 2020

Ready to migrate? Bottom line, if you have a large or important Flex app and haven’t yet converted it, you’ll need help.

We “wrote the book” on Flex and are the best choice to lead modernization or replatforming of your existing Flex applications.

We’ll convert the existing Flex app, maintain interactivity and usability, and remove proprietary run-times.

What Happens When Your Flex App Breaks For Good?

Adobe will discontinue the Flash Player in December of 2020. This means your Adobe Flex applications will stop working. If you haven’t prioritized migration, we can help. We rewrite Flex/AIR applications into web standards-based apps that run in the web browser without proprietary runtimes. You’ll be able to continue offering your app functionality and get rid of without being tied to obsolete technology.

We’ll work alongside your technical and subject matter expert teams to ensure quality transformation that your team can pick up and maintain for the long haul.

Options For Flex Application Migration

We published a detailed assessment of your Flex application migration options. Also inside are important tips you can use to ensure your migration planning goes smooth. It’s free, no sign-up required.

Avoid Security Problems

Make your CISO happy by improving your security profile and reducing attack vectors. Adobe ends support for Flash Player this year. Chromium based browsers (Chrome, Edge) disable Flash Player by default. Hackers will continue to target unsupported Flash Player versions.

Keep Staff Focused

Keep your staff focused on current work. Our experience in both Adobe Flex and modern app development are the right combination to interpret your current Flex app and replatform it into React without requiring a lot of internal resources.

Maintain Interactivity

Flex apps offer engaging, interactive applications. Our modern app development techniques offer the same richness without proprietary run times.

How We Work

We know Adobe Flex like no one else. We’ll translate your Adobe Flex code base into a polished, well-architected application requiring minimal support from your staff. We take the time to learn your business nuances. No one-size-fits-all approaches, our iterative style delivers the right app for your users and business.