Ember Application Migration

We Can Help

As the Ember JavaScript framework declines, it’ll get even harder to find Ember talent. Bugs will take even longer to resolve. Features, if they can be added in at all, will come at increasing prices.

In a tough spot? We can help. We are experts in modernizing Ember applications.

Why Modernize Ember Apps

Age can be a beautiful thing but some apps just don’t grow old gracefully. Older apps drain productivity because no one understands how the app is put together. Pulling staff from current projects to work on older apps costs extra time and may even force you to miss milestones.

Older apps probably don’t work with your new testing and DevOps structure. This means deployments are also a pain. A rewrite is too much of a distraction so you just limp along patching where you can. It doesn’t have to be this way.

We migrate Ember apps to modern React. React skills are plentiful so bug fixes and features are cheaper. We’ll manage the migration alongside your staff then mentor.

Reduce Obsolete Software

Trim your technical garden of Ember. It’s only going to get harder to work on Ember based apps in the future.

Improve Processes

Older technology doesn’t have the automation capacity of modern technology. Streamlining testing and deployments can save your company hundreds of hours per year.

Keep Staff Focused

Keep your staff focused on current work. Our extensive experience in app migration means we do it without distracting your teams.

How We Work

We value the nuances of our clients. Our approach is to put in the work to understand your business before implementation. We iterate and keep you informed at each step. If you prefer, our senior staff will mentor and prepare your staff to assume responsibility for future upgrades and maintenance.