Enterprise React and JavaScript Consulting

Transformative consulting by learning your business

  • Enterprise application modernization
  • Migration of critical applications
  • Ease adoption of new technology
  • Bridge the business and tech gap
  • Full project delivery
For 24 Years

Your Trusted Partner

We’ve worked with the most innovative, influential companies on the planet. Not your typical general consultancy, we put in the work to learn your business and people in order to deliver the right solution. Sick of companies throwing more billable resources at the problem, only to still miss deadlines and deliveries? Think of us as the surgeons of the technical world, delivering accurate, focused solutions that improve your business.

Improve Development Velocity

Teams unable to ship features? It happens for many different reasons. Our team of troubleshooters approach this problem with your teams and find workable solutions for the long-term. New processes, skills, techniques? We’ll help your staff adopt the right solutions.

Application Modernization

Have an existing app that’s important, but no one knows how it works any longer? We get it. We can re-platform and re-imagine existing applications. Get a modern application with the same or better functionality, while removing obsolete or out of favor technical stacks

App Rescue

App crashing frequently and no one knows why? We’ve rescued more failing apps than we can count. With surgical precision, we’ll profile the application, analyze the dependencies, and recommend a course of action to ensure stability and up time.

How We Work

Digital Primates understands the people side of technology. Rather than “the experts from on-high” we approach problems in partnership with your existing teams. We collaborate on problem identification and resolution to avoid any human blockers to progress. Your staff will welcome our help and we’ll make sure they feel respected and informed.

Our consultants are well versed in the language of business. We gain a clear understanding of your business environment and offer tailored advice that makes sense. Our consultants are highly effective communicators, as comfortable in a room full of sales and marketing executives, as in your CIO’s office. Are you ready to see how we can apply technology to your business goals?