Adobe MAX 06

Date: Sun 22 Oct 2006 — Fri 27 Oct 2006, Type: All Day Event For more information, see my various blog posts here and here.  I’m not sure how this will render on my blog, I’m just experiementig with the "Make an Event" feature that is here.

Greetings from CFUnited 06

Its day 3 of CFUnited, and in the first 2 days, I’ve already attended more sessions than I did in the whole conferece last year.  After a number of flight troubles, I arrived slightly too late for the opening morning keynote (I arrived just in time to hear that Tim Continue Reading

Flex 2 ships!

I’m about to download my recently purchased fully released Flex Builder 2.0 with charting.  This is now available on (note, no longer available at  I’m sure I’ll be posting more on this later, but I’m about to go back downstairs to the CFUnited conf while this downloads.

Off to CFUnited 06

At 4:30 this afternoon, I’m flying down to DC for the CFUnited conference.  As I mentioned earlier  I’ll be presenting a revised and updated version of my topic from last years conference, in which I discussed the myraid of benefits available with Event Gateways in CFMX7.  Among the new material Continue Reading

Our Flex 2 book

Glancing at the UK version of Amazon, I’ve just seen the first glimpse of our upcoming Flex 2 book.  They have an image of the cover here.  Oddly, I cant yet find a mention of it on the US amazon site, nor on Barnes and Noble.  I’ll be posting much Continue Reading

Freely available SizeableTitleWindow with Adobes ColdFusion/Flex connectivity

In playing around with the ColdFusion/Flex wizards, I found that Adobe includes a really nice resizeable closeable window.  When I get more time, I’ll integrate this with my MaximizeRestorePanel class. package com.adobe.ColdFusion.components{ import mx.containers.TitleWindow; import mx.managers.CursorManager; import mx.managers.ISystemManager; import mx.controls.Alert; import mx.logging.Log; import mx.utils.ObjectUtil; import mx.controls.Button; import; import; import flash.system.System; import flash.geom.Rectangle;  public class SizeableTitleWindow extends TitleWindow {   private const dragThreshold:int = Continue Reading

Don’t like the code hinting colors in FlexBuilder 2.0? change them!

In a recent blog posting, Mike Morearty of Adobe reveals that all the code hinting colors are stored in the Colors.xml file within common.jar.  He gives a nice explanation of how to access the file and customize the colors to your own liking.  However, he also poses a warning, that Continue Reading

Max 2006 announced, sort of.

7/10/06 – More updates on Max available. 6/9/06- update – Adobe has now anounced more details on their site.  The conference will be held at the Venetian in Las Vegas 10/23 – 10/26 3/20/06 – While the word isnt officially out from Adobe, Ben Forta’s blog made the first public Continue Reading

Flex 2 MaxRestorePanel class

7/25 – I’ve updated this class to now work with the released version of Flex 2.  The only changes needed was to replace rerfrences to the currentIcon property (which was protected in the betas, but is a private property in the released version), to instead use the getChildByName method.  So, Continue Reading

Creating a DataManager in ActionScript 3.0 for Flex 2.0

I’ve updated the DataManager with a fix for concurrency issues over here. When building Flex applications, I like to centralize data access, to remove the need for mx:WebService tags to be sprinkled throughout the application.  While the FAST data services helped out in this respect for Flex 15, it is Continue Reading

Sorry for the lack of content this month…

Its been a brutally busy month, not leaving a lot of time for Blogging. By months end, I’ll have taken 12 flights, worked on projects with 10 different clients and taught classes in 4 cities. The cities I’ve visited this month include: Akron, Atlanta, Boston, Cleveland, Minneapolis, Myrtle Beach VA, Continue Reading

Hunter S. Thompson R.I.P.

Sorry for the non-technology post… One of the great authors of our time, Hunter S. Thompson, died Sunday February 20th, 2005, of a self inflicted Gunshot.  Hunter was one of my favorite authors since I first picked up "Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail 1972," back in college. Futher news Continue Reading