SharpKit Part 1: Building a SharpKit Plugin

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted something so I thought I would take some time to do a series on working with SharpKit and developing a plug-in. I’ve been working with SharpKit while developing a plug-in for the Randori Framework and RandoriGuiceJs project the last few weeks here at Digital Continue Reading

Michael Labriola named a 2012 MAX Master

Adobe named our own Michael Labriola a MAX Master for 2012, one of only nine external speakers to earn the title. The MAX Master award is given to presenters with the highest speaker rating based on audience surveys from MAX 2011. Nice work, Mike!

Talking Trash – An overview of Player GC

Okay, so, I have been a little behind schedule actually posting content. Here is my first attempt at reconcilliation. These are the slides from my garbage collection talk at flash and the city this year. They go into moderate depth about the internals of garbage collection on the Flash Player Continue Reading

Do you want FlexUnit 4 support in FlexBuilder 4?

The Flex Builder needs to know if you, the flex community want FlexUnit 4 to be supported in FlexBuilder 4. Spend a few minutes reading about FlexUnit 4, and if you would like flexbuilder to support it, you can cast your vote for it here