Ah, design view

[UPDATE] The post below was originally for Flex 2. In Flex 3, the property name has changed to UIComponentGlobals.designMode. [/UPDATE] Ever write a custom component that needs to do something different in design view than at runtime? Perhaps at runtime the component should query an rpc service and return the Continue Reading

Flex 2 TFS Errata

I still get a fair amount of email asking about errata for the Flex 2: Training from the Source book. It doesn’t look like the publisher has their errata page up, but you can now find information about the known issues (two missing files and an import statement) at www.flexgrocer.com Continue Reading


Well, I am back from webDU and doing my best to adjust to the new time zone. webDU was a fantastic event. Geoff Bowers and the team at Daemon go all out to make this a brilliant conference and they succeed. The conference accomplishes their goal of having one of Continue Reading