360 Flex Atlanta

Next Sunday, Jeff Tapper and I are going to be handling the Flex 101 at 360 Flex Atlanta. While we have worked together for quite some time, it will be the first time Jeff and I actually teach together. We have drastically different styles but immense respect for each other’s Continue Reading

Max Presentation

Here is the carousel component that goes along with ‘Creating New Flex Components’ (RA208W), my Max 2007 presentation. This is a sample component designed to show how the major component lifecycle methods work and interact. This version makes some bad assumptions: the scale of all included items will be 100% Continue Reading

Private variable, sort of

I was working on a deferred instantiation issue with Kyle from Adobe Support and came across this chunk of code in Container.as. if (child is Container) Container(child).recursionFlag = recurse; It seems innocuous. The child, which is some descendant of Container is cast as a Container and then the recursionFlag is Continue Reading