Catching up

360|Flex is officially over and my slides are finally available. It was another great conference but I am officially wiped out. Three full days of content and wonderfully geeky discussion have left me looking forward to the weekend. For any who asked for my slides, they are included below. Thanks Continue Reading

A new arrival

To all of you that I missed or didn’t manage to meet up with during Max this year, I have an amazing excuse. Meet Lilia Michelle Labriola, born shortly after Max ended. My wife and I vetoed Jeff Tapper’s suggestion that we name her Max(ine), but I am still grateful Continue Reading


I will be presenting the second part of a series about Flex Data Services at the Flash Platform Group in New York ( ) on May 2nd, 2007. I encourage anyone in the NY area to check out this and other NY area Adobe groups. It is a great way Continue Reading

webDU and a new blog

I admit it. Despite the (sometimes) good natured ribbing of individuals on my native North American continent, it took the comments of Geoff Bowers and Jesse Warden while I was Down Under at webDU to actually get this blog online. I intend to use it to demonstrate some interesting, and Continue Reading