Flash Media Server 2 released

The next generation of the Flash Communications Server (FCS), now named the Flash Media Server (FMS) has been released and is now available. Unlike FCS, which was available in a free Developers edition, a cheap, but limited Personal edition and a more featured Professional edition, FMS is no longer available in Continue Reading

MAX 05 Day 2 Recap

Ok, heres my take on day 2: 9:15am Next Generation ActionScript – Gary Grossman had a great session on whats new in AS3.  Esesntially, Flash Players 8.5 and beyond will contain 2 seperate Virtual Machines one to process AS1/AS2 a seperate one for AS3.  The AS3 VM is built from Continue Reading

MAX 05 Day 1 Recap

The sheer volume of new information which came out of MAX is dumb-founding. Sessions I attended Monday: 8am – RA306W – Flex Frameworks: Cairngorm and More – Cairngorm offers some nice tools for Rapid development, but I was a bit underwhelmed by the lack of content on any other frameworks.  In truth, I already knew Continue Reading

Off to MAX 05

First thing in the morning, my wife, baby and myself will be flying west for MAX.  We’re going to try and enjoy southern California for a few days before the conf. In case you are interested, I’ll be presenting RA301H, a 90 minute hands on session on "Creating Better Performing Continue Reading

Using the Event Manager

On a number of recent projects, I’ve been unhappy with the tight coupling I’ve needed between components in an application, to get the effective communications I needed. I set out in search of a way for any one component to subscribe to the events of any other component, without the Continue Reading

Whats new in Flash 8

last week, Macromedia announced the upcoming release of Studio 8, which promises to include lots of great new features (see my article about some of them here).  With the official annoucement, you can now find out more, including: Whats New in Flash Professional 8. It seems most of the new Continue Reading