Private variable, sort of

I was working on a deferred instantiation issue with Kyle from Adobe Support and came across this chunk of code in if (child is Container) Container(child).recursionFlag = recurse; It seems innocuous. The child, which is some descendant of Container is cast as a Container and then the recursionFlag is Continue Reading

Flex Goes Open Source!

Yep, you read that right. Adobe announced today that Flex is going to be an open source project under a Mozilla Public License. I’m still not sure how Adobe is going to keep making money from Flex, but you can read about the details of this move on Ted Patrick’s Continue Reading

Flex Component Kit for Flash CS3 at Adobe Tech Wednesday

Just finished watching the Tech Wednesday presentation for what is being called the Flex Component Kit for Flash CS3, and all I can do is share some of the quotes heard in the room: “Wow” “Double wow” “… I actually have goosebumps.” and, my absolute favorite: “holy mother of god.” Continue Reading

World’s Greatest Wines

To support a high end print campaign for their client, Chicago creative agency 50,000feet conceived and designed an innovative way for customers to explore and purchase from an extensive collection of luxury wines at They turned to us for technical expertise and development in order to make sure this Continue Reading

Ah, design view

[UPDATE] The post below was originally for Flex 2. In Flex 3, the property name has changed to UIComponentGlobals.designMode. [/UPDATE] Ever write a custom component that needs to do something different in design view than at runtime? Perhaps at runtime the component should query an rpc service and return the Continue Reading


I will be presenting the second part of a series about Flex Data Services at the Flash Platform Group in New York ( ) on May 2nd, 2007. I encourage anyone in the NY area to check out this and other NY area Adobe groups. It is a great way Continue Reading

Flex 2 TFS Errata

I still get a fair amount of email asking about errata for the Flex 2: Training from the Source book. It doesn’t look like the publisher has their errata page up, but you can now find information about the known issues (two missing files and an import statement) at Continue Reading


Well, I am back from webDU and doing my best to adjust to the new time zone. webDU was a fantastic event. Geoff Bowers and the team at Daemon go all out to make this a brilliant conference and they succeed. The conference accomplishes their goal of having one of Continue Reading

webDU and a new blog

I admit it. Despite the (sometimes) good natured ribbing of individuals on my native North American continent, it took the comments of Geoff Bowers and Jesse Warden while I was Down Under at webDU to actually get this blog online. I intend to use it to demonstrate some interesting, and Continue Reading

Public Alpha of Apollo now available on Adobe Labs

Since it was mentioned and demo'd at the MAX conference in Las Vegas last year, I've been incredibly excited about the upcoming Apollo product from Adobe.  Apollo promises to allow web developers to build real desktop applications, using technologies we know today, namely HTML, JavaScript, MXML and ActionScript. If your Continue Reading