Reflecting an image in Flex

Increasingly, clients have been asking for a "reflection" effect, showing a vertically flipped image of a component next to the actual component.  After reinventing the wheel on this several times, I came up with this simple reusable component: package com.tappernimer.components{ import mx.containers.Canvas; import mx.core.UIComponent; import flash.display.BitmapData; import flash.geom.Matrix; import flash.display.IBitmapDrawable; Continue Reading

H.264 Support in FlashPlayer

I missed it yesterday, when it was announced, but Adobe has now announced support for H.264 (also know as MPEG4) in an upcoming version of the flash player.  H.264 is the same standard which is used by BluRay and HD-DVD — the ability to have this type of video in Continue Reading

Max Registration and Bloomington

As a reminder to all of you who have not yet signed up for Max. Early bird discounts end Friday 8/10 at midnight. So, go here, sign up, remmber to use my name ‘Michael Labriola’ as the community leader that told you about this. Then come and listen to Continue Reading

Checking In and Catching Up

Well, things got busy and this slipped lower on the priority list, but I have finally posted my slides from FITC Chicago, the AIR talk at Adobe User Group Chicago and more recently my slides for the FDS2 and Flex Framework talks at FlexManiacs. All are enclosed below. My apologies Continue Reading

FlexManiacs 2007 – Getting Started with Apollo

As promised, here are the starting files from my "FlexManiacs 2007 – Getting Started with Apollo" session.  Thanks for attending my session, I hope you enjoyed it and the FlexManiacs Conference. Overall, i thought this conference was a great success.  Many attendees of all levels.  Great networking, Great debates, and Continue Reading

A Great big pile of public beta’s from Adobe

Today, Adobe has released 3 new public beta's on Adobe Labs:   The Adobe Integrated Runtime (formerly known as Apollo) beta, the Flex 3 Beta, and the Flash Player Updater were all publicly released on Labs today.  I've been recovering from a failed hard drive all day (remind me to post Continue Reading

Ben Forta and Scorpio attack the CCCFUG

Last night, Ben Forta continued his whirlwind tour of Scorpio, the code name for Adobe’s ColdFusion 8 software, this time in the beautiful environs of downtown Chicago. The talk was extremely illuminating, for a number of reasons. First, the people in the CCCFUG lived up to their rep by grilling Continue Reading