React Wednesday – Innersourcing – bringing the philosophy, practice, and culture of open-source inside organizations

This week we discussed the topic of Innersourcing – using open source philosophy, process, and tools to scale internal development teams. Dan Skaggs, Raymond Camden, and Tanner Linsley attended the episode alongside regular hosts, TJ VanToll and Dan Wilson. Each participant has deep experience leading, contributing to, and consuming open source. This episode went deep…

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Here Is What Is Happening In The Enterprise React And JavaScript Ecosystem – 7/21/2020

Observables, Reactive Programming, and Regret Observable in RxJs is a very popular primitive to use in state-based JavaScript applications. The RxJS framework makes use of Observable as a mechanism to provide a structured cycle for state changes. The Observable pattern offers a standard structure for messages, resource clean-up, and a consistent API. Ben Lesh wrote…

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