How to Export Tabular Data from a React App with KendoReact ExcelExport

Welcome to our fifth and final installment in this series on visualizing data with Progress KendoReact! For our final article, I’ll demonstrate how to allow users to export tabular data from our web application. This technique allows for the application’s extensibility and allows users to create their own visualizations and interpretations from the data. Previous…

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How to Work with Complex JSON Data for Visualization with JavaScript

Welcome to the third installment in our series on Data Visualization with Progress KendoReact. We created a dynamic layout within our single-page React application using KendoReact’s layout functionality. Today we’ll be taking a step away from the view and working on, arguably, the most important part of our application: the data itself. KendoReact is quite…

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Building Pieces, Assembling Applications – Using WebPack to code split, lazy load, and deliver more performant apps

Mike Labriola presented “Building Pieces, Assembling Applications” to the Chicago React meetup on September 30th, 2020. If you want to learn more about how to split apart your application and reassemble it for lazy loading, code splitting, and better performance, the recording is available on YouTube. Mike structured the presentation as a practical code walkthrough…

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