When to consider React NativeScript over React Native – React Wednesday Recap

React Native is the dominant cross-platform mobile framework for React users. It’s powerful, full-featured, and powers many thousands of mobile applications across the iOS and Android landscape. Choosing React Native is a great choice. You may have heard of NativeScript. It’s a cross-platform, mobile framework for creating truly native mobile applications with JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular,…

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How To Avoid Operating Heavy Machinery While Asleep or Writing Cleaner, More Resilient Code with XState

Have you ever noticed the warnings on medication about not operating heavy machinery? How many industrial accidents are there because an equipment operator took a healthy swig of Nyquil before getting to work? Apart from the warning sticker, there’s no real prevention of this condition. If you stretch this metaphor to software development, you’d have…

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What I Learned, Learning About Modularizing Monolithic Underscore.js – React Wednesday Recap

On Wednesday, November 18th, TJ VanToll, and I interviewed Julian Gonggrijp, a scientific programmer for the Digital Humanities Lab at Utrecht University. He recently spent quite a bit of time reworking the structure of the popular Underscore.js library. On the show, we discussed what it was like to analyze and undertake the modularization work. We also discussed…

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