React Wednesdays – On Mental Models and How to Learn React Application Development with Obed Parlapiano

On Wednesday, September 30th, 2020, we spoke with Obed Parlapiano about his popular React blog series on Mental Models. A mental model is a concept used to reason about a system or process. Obed wrote up visual representations along with crisp descriptions of several critical parts of React application development. The recording of our broadcast,…

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How to use Responsive Design to support Dual-screen Surface Duo apps on Windows and macOS

Dual-screen devices are entering the market regularly. Microsoft recently introduced the Surface Duo dual-screen device and infrastructure for software developers to support dual-screen devices in their applications. Microsoft (and many others!) works hard to implement, standardize, and document an ecosystem that takes full advantage of the dual-screen/”split-screen”/”foldable” application design. The infrastructure includes native applications on…

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Building a JavaScript powered Chatbot with NativeChat

Enterprises are increasingly using chatbots to create self-service support options for customers and employees. Chatbot projects are hard to scope out and deliver these days because of the patchwork quilt of technologies required and those technologies’ early state. Most Enterprises do not have chatbot development expertise in-house. Finding such expertise is not easy either since chatbots…

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