A Practical and Technical Guide to Enhancing, Modernizing, and Consolidating Important Enterprise Applications

On June 17th, 2020, Mike Labriola from our team presented to the Camp IT Enterprise Architecture Strategies virtual event. His topic was a practical and technical guide to enhancing, modernizing, and consolidating important enterprise applications titled “Swap Jet Engines Mid-Flight: Change Everything Without Users Noticing”. While there is much theory on how to accomplish this,…

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Here Is What Is Happening In The Enterprise React And JavaScript Ecosystem – 5/26/2020

React Components Simplify Testing In some ways, back end developers have it much easier. A single runtime, much more deterministic testing, less dependence on those pesky users clicking around randomly, and so on. Testing the front end requires a bit more coverage. One needs unit tests, functional tests, and all these tests need to run…

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