How to Automate Mailing List Creation with our free Newsletter-o-matic Excel Spreadsheet

We curate the Enterprise React Newsletter and distribute it to many software developers around the world. We made the Newsletter-o-matic spreadsheet tool to streamline the collection and formatting of content. You can download the Newsletter-o-matic for free and use it however you like. I’ll explain our process and how to use the tool. My Newsletter…

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Will Choosing React for Enterprise Apps Actually Get You Fired? We find out on React Wednesday.

Enterprise development has its challenges; its complex, has many stakeholders with overlapping and conflicting needs, and must live a long time while being maintained by developers who weren’t part of the original team. We get it. We have been helping enterprise organizations adopt new front-end technologies for years and, while React is newer, the challenges…

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Comparing Props Handling Between the React and Svelte JavaScript Libraries

Continuing in the previous theme of “What’s the Svelte way to handle X as I did in React?”, we’re going to look at basic props patterns in the React and Svelte JavaScript frameworks. import {useState} from ‘react’; export const ToggleValue = () => { const [bool, setBool] = useState(false); const toggleBool = () => setBool(!bool);…

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