Talking Trash – An overview of Player GC

Okay, so, I have been a little behind schedule actually posting content. Here is my first attempt at reconcilliation. These are the slides from my garbage collection talk at flash and the city this year. They go into moderate depth about the internals of garbage collection on the Flash Player Continue Reading

Catching up

360|Flex is officially over and my slides are finally available. It was another great conference but I am officially wiped out. Three full days of content and wonderfully geeky discussion have left me looking forward to the weekend. For any who asked for my slides, they are included below. Thanks Continue Reading


First, let me say I am sorry. A year or so ago, I wrote these VectorCollection classes. They are not spectacular works of art, they are very basic implementations required to use Vector inside of Flex components which are looking for IList and ICollectionView for their dataProviders. Vector has some Continue Reading

$10 to advance your career

If you are in the midwest this weekend, you should really, really consider dropping by BFusion & BFlex in Bloomington, Indiana. It is a bring your own laptop event full of hands-on tracks conducted by speakers from around the globe combined with optional full-day training sessions. The schedule is packed Continue Reading

The King is Dead. Long Live the King!

Some of you may know that Digital Primates released a beta-quality testing framework some time back called dpUInt ( digital primates unit and integration). This started an internal framework we developed for testing UIComponent derivatives. One day we decided it was useful enough to share with the world, so we Continue Reading