Powered By Detroit

I’ve just been invited to speak at the New Flash and ColdFusion Conference, Powered By Detroit.  This conference is aimed squarely at folks aiming to build Rich Internet Apps with ColdFusion and Flash.  More Information available at their website.  I believe I’ll be talking specically about Customizing Flex Components with Continue Reading

Click to Close Accordion

It seems odd that all my Flex posting here is about how to make a built in component do something it wasnt intended to do.  This time, I had clients which wanted an Accordion header to close, if clicked when it was already open.  I’m not particularly fond of the Continue Reading


I’ve been invited back to speak at CFUNITED (known for many years by the abreviated CFUN) down in the DC area late june to early july.  Full details can be found here: http://www.cfunited.com/ This year, I’ll be presenting about Event Gateways in CFMX7.  This would be my 3rd year in Continue Reading

Disabling a Tab in a Flex TabNavigator

I’ve been asked a few times about programmatically disabling individual Tabs from a TabNavigator in Flex.  This behavior isn’t natively supported in Flex, although it seems like it would be a useful addition to the language.  There is built in support to disable the contents of  the tabs, but not Continue Reading

Tweening a Color Transform

I’ve been working with the Tween and Transition classes a lot lately, and was recently tasked with fading a tint over a movieClip. My fisrt instinct was to draw a colored square over the clip, with the alpha of the square set to something less than 100%, like this: function Continue Reading