What To Do With Your Flex Applications When They Stop Working in 2020

The Illinois Technology Association recently published an article by our team on what to do with Flex apps once they stop working in 2020. As you know, Adobe is retiring the Flash Player in December 2020 at which time Flex apps will cease to function.

Changing corporate priorities and the global COVID-19 pandemic put pressure on resources. We see many companies who haven’t been able to prioritize migrations yet. It is hard to balance the current work disruptions caused by current events. It’s harder to balance future impact to business units and customers based on an event that isn’t even here yet.

That said, the Flash Player shutdown has been announced by Adobe Corporate Communications since 2017. To date, there has not been an extension. Further, browser vendors have already done their part to disable Flash Player by default. The writing is on the wall.

If you have Flex applications in your application portfolio it’s time to put a firm plan in place. We are happy to help you understand your options for migration. Reach out and one of our experts will walk you through the process.

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