From the Not Surprising Department- Remote work hiring jumps

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  • April 7, 2020
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LinkedIn found that job postings for remote work jumped 28% in March, and job searches involving the keywords “remote” or “work at home” were up 42%. As most of the globe are locked down under “shelter-in-place” orders, or at very least are under severe social distancing rules, it’s obvious office buildings aren’t the place to be. Work must continue and companies are rapidly adapting to work-from-home scenarios wherever possible.

Some job roles are more remote-work friendly than others. The fry cook at the local restaurant isn’t going to be doing the job remotely. However software engineers, account managers, marketing personnel, finance staff, and other knowledge workers have been adjusting to work outside of the office.

One of our in-house specialties is video. We’ve built streaming media platforms and players used in some of the most watched video events ever broadcast on the Internet. This includes live streaming event apps, video broadcast solutions, video-on-demand applications, and others.

Video is an excellent way to stay engaged with customers and partners. We’ve seen a nice uptick in inquiries about using video to stay in front of the competition. We’ve also seen a fair number of project inquiries for video use cases to bring employees closer together when the off-the-shelf tech just won’t do.

Stay safe and healthy out there. We’ll be through this thing soon enough.

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