React v16.13.0 is out

Sunil Pai on the React blog let us know React v16.13.0 was released February 26, 2020. React v16.13.0 has fixes and deprecation warnings you can use to prepare code bases for the upcoming v17 major release.

Use this version of React to ensure your upgrade process is as easy as possible. Certain warnings may appear in the console alerting you to features that may not be appropriate for the next major version.

Example future deprecations:

  • String Refs
  • ReactDOM.unstable_createPortal
  • React.createFactory
  • Component stacks in hydration warnings

To install React 16 with Yarn, run:

yarn add react@^16.13.0 react-dom@^16.13.0

If you prefer npm, run this command:

npm install --save react@^16.13.0 react-dom@^16.13.0

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