Where is the iOS SDK?!

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In my previous posts about writing native extensions for iOS, I pointed out that it’s important to tell Flash Builder where the iOS SDK is located. When I installed Xcode on a Snow Leopard machine the SDK was located at:

I set up a brand new Macbook today which is running Lion and after installing Xcode the SDK was not in the same spot! After some digging I found it here:

Whew, that was a mouthful.


    I am facing a weird bug for iOS, after specifying ios5.1 SDK location, Flash Classic TextFields behave strangely.

    When you click on input textfield it would usually show you the keyboard and move the application up then when done it will move back the application.
    If you specify the ios5.1 SDK, after you are done the application does not move down.
    I am not sure what kind of bug is this.

    • by joseph saade
    • 11:32 am, May 8, 2012

      Chances are it’s an AIR bug. You should go to the Adobe bug tracker (http://bugs.adobe.com/jira I believe) and log the issue if it doesn’t exist.

      If you want to do some investigation, check to see if you get the softKeyboardDeactivate event when the TextField loses focus. I’m guessing you don’t, which is why Flash isn’t responding. As for workarounds, you could set resizeForSoftKeyboard on the Application to false if that is acceptable behavior for your app. Another thing to try might be to manually remove focus from the stage; you can get more information by googling how to manually close the soft keyboard.

      • by Nathan Weber
      • 11:42 am, May 8, 2012

        you are right, I am asking about it on adobe’s forums.
        another workaround I found was to use StageText instead of classic text but managing it is hectic.

        • by joseph saade
        • 2:47 am, May 9, 2012