Lots of new prereleases from adobe

Late last night adobe released several new betas on the labs.adobe.com site, including:

• 64 bit Flash Player (Code Named “Square”)
• Flex 4.5 SDK (Code Named “Hero”)
• Flash Builder Next (Code Named “Burrito”)
• Flash Catalyst Next (Coe Named “Panini”)

Square is obviously very interesting, as more and more end users now have 64 bit machines, it is great that the flash player will now be able to leverage the full power of the underlying operating system. It seems that 64 bit players are now available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Hero is another great release, with Adobe continuing to move the flex sdk forward. In this release, many of the components which were not migrated to the spark architecture in the 4.0 release have now been completed, including the DataGrid, Form, and Image components. Even more interesting is the rework done to make to make Flex applications run well on mobile devices. Having done a few AIR for Android applications using AS3 without the flex framework, I look forward the increased productivity I can realize by leveraging flex on these devices as well.

Burrito and Panini are both improved tools to allow developers and designers increased productivity with the new SDK. In addition to supporting the latest SDK, Burrito also includes a workflow to ease development of mobile applications, a series of coding improvements, such as the introduction of templates, metadata code hinting and more.
All told, these new releases promise to push the flash platform forward, and increase the world of possibilities for those of us who develop for the platform.