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360|Flex is officially over and my slides are finally available. It was another great conference but I am officially wiped out. Three full days of content and wonderfully geeky discussion have left me looking forward to the weekend.

For any who asked for my slides, they are included below. Thanks so much for the great feedback and being a wonderful audience. I really enjoy doing these deep-dive style talks and so long as 360|Flex keeps inviting me back and all of you keep attending, I promise to try to keep them fresh and interesting.

P.S. If you didn’t get a chance, check out my featured opening over at for Nate’s masterful prank.



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    Hello there Michael.

    I’ve been waiting forever for your Adobe Flex 4 Volume 2 book?

    Is it ever coming out?

    Best regards,

    • by Hugo
    • 5:52 am, July 5, 2011