Thanks Jeff for another great preso.

    A question about 1 of the rules — aim for 0 warnings. What if the warning is for something useless, such as "Data binding will not be able to detect assignments to "somVarThatGetsSetOnce." I don’t want to add Bindable to the var just to get rid of the warning because I don’t need to broadcast a change in value — value will not be changing. What would you do in this scanario? Thanks!

    • by adam
    • 11:03 pm, March 10, 2010

    if the value truly never changes at runtime, declare it as a const, not a var. If it needs to be a var which can change at runtime, you should use bindable.

    Thanks Jeff. I really appreciate your work and the summary fashion. Covers alot and give me some things that just hadn’t occurred to me.
    Hey, but the way, how/what is being done to create that cool slide open menu at the top when my mouse hovers over it?
    I’m going to check out the other two.

    • by dj sisk
    • 9:06 pm, June 27, 2010