360| Flex and WorldWare Ahoy

March is shaping up to be a busy month for speaking, and I am pretty happy about it. I have the opportunity to deliver two distinct talks on topics where I feel, let’s just say, a lot of passion.

First up in the 360|Flex Conference in San Jose on March 7th-10th. Here I am delivering a talk about the Flex Framework and its relationship to the component development in the Flex 4 methodology. There will actually be quite a few Flex 4 talks (and even component talks) available at 360|Flex this year; however, I think this will come across differently. I intend on tearing apart the framework again along the lines of my Dense and Hot presentation a few years back. The intent of this presentation is less about what and more about why. I want you to know things like the order that nested components have their commitProperties called versus their measure when you leave. More importantly though, I want you to walk away knowing that it’s because of priority queues and nest-levels. I want you to feel comfortable explaining it to that poor guy back at the office that couldn’t make it to San Jose for the conference. That guys deserves some love to. You want to help him, right? I digress.

In either case, I hope you can make it out to 360|Flex. It is always a good event. It is chocked full of great content and I don’t know that there is a better value in the Flex conference space. If you want to be extra-nice to me, you can register with this link. Apparently if enough people register that way, John Wilker is going to carry me from place to place in some type of litter. All said though, try to make it if you can. Even if I wasn’t speaking, I would still be there learning from a great community willing to spread a lot of knowledge.

Right on the heels of 360 is the WorldWare conference in Santa Clara on March 16th-18th. WorldWare is a conference dedicated to those developing applications for an international market. I will be doing a pre-conference workshop on the benefits of using the Flex Framework, with all of its UI swapping, layout object goodness, to the benefit of those wishing to write an i18n application in a reasonable amount of time and with a reasonable expectation of maintaining it (without sleeping at the office for the rest of their lives). This year’s theme at WorldWare is the ROI of Software Internationalization and I am honored to even be considered near the profound list of speakers. If your application or company is targeting the international world this is the place to be in March.

Hope to see you at one (or both )of these events,

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