$10 to advance your career

If you are in the midwest this weekend, you should really, really consider dropping by BFusion & BFlex in Bloomington, Indiana. It is a bring your own laptop event full of hands-on tracks conducted by speakers from around the globe combined with optional full-day training sessions. The schedule is packed so full of content on Flex and ColdFusion topics that your only regret will be the inability to attend twice.

Here is a smathering of sessions from the Flex track (and remember, there is also a full day of fusion content too )

  • Hooking up Flex and ColdFusion. An introduction to CFAAS
  • Integrating BlazeDS and ColdFusion
  • New Flash Builder 4 WSDL and HTTP Connectors
  • Drag and Drop Image Manager with Flex & AIR
  • Practical Cairngorm for Adobe Flex Applications
  • Creating Your First HTML-Based Application for Adobe AIR with Dreamweaver CS4
  • Building Flex Apps with Swiz: Simple, fast, flexible, powerful.
  • Spark Components for Flex 4
  • Component Development using the Flex 4 Model
  • Using Merapi to tap into native code in your Flex application
  • Flex Component Development from Scratch
  • 90 Minutes + Flixel = 1 Game
  • Creating Applications for the Flash Platform
  • Flex Intro for Developers
  • Introduction to Flash Catalyst

I am not sure how the folks at BFlex manage to provide this for a $10 price tag, but if you are close enough to even consider going to this event, it would be a mistake to miss it.

Hope to see you there,

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