FlexUnit in Flash Builder Bugs plus TDD

I just finished my presentation materials for my Test-driven development session at Adobe Max, and I am pretty excited how it turned out. It is a 90-minute BYOL (Bring your own laptop) lab, which is always challenging. Each person showing up with a diverse setup and (hopefully) our files installed.

So, if you are planning to head to Max, and you are interested in TDD, try to attend. I think it will be well worth the effort.

That said, there will also be two sessions at the 360|Flex Max unconference where we will be reviewing the FlexUnit 4 framework from the inside out. The goal here is
to provide initial context for those interested in becoming committers on the project. FlexUnit 4 is a highly functional testing framework, but it is also complex. Until we have the chance to document every corner, this might be your best chance to learn the ins and outs of it.

Finally, working on this session has given me the opportunity to work with the FlexUnit plugin in Flash Builder. I must say I am very pleased with how this is evolving. Nonetheless, there are a few enhancements I would still like. If you are of a like mind, read through the bugs and cast your vote.

If you agree, vote away.

Hope to see you at Max,

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    Great suggestions! The first probably burns me the most. Especially when I’m in the thick of development/refactoring. Fixing auto-generated code breaks one’s flow. :)

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