FlexUnit 4 and Flex 4 presentations galore

So after a very welcomed summer lull in travel, I am gearing up for the fall speaking season. A good portion of my time this fall will be spent discussing, encouraging the use of, and getting Feedback on the FlexUnit 4 project. The rest will be spent teaching about the early architecture and internals of the future Flex 4 product.

If you have tried either of these and want to discuss, or if you haven’t had the time and want to learn more first, please come and support one of the following great events where I will be presenting.

September 5th, Rimini, Italy at Flash Camp on the Beach

    Testing with Flex and Flash Builder

October 5th – 7th, Los Angeles, CA at Adobe Max, Los Angeles, CA

    5th – Test Driven Development with Flash Builder
    5th – Creating Custom Components in Flex 4
    5th – Book Signing and Meet the Authors Event

    6th – Creating Custom Components in Flex 4
    6th – Battle of the Flex Frameworks Panel

    7th – Creating Custom Components in Flex 4- Twice

    Also, in the next couple of days we will be announcing the details of a special event on the 6th and 7th in coordination with the 360|Max unconference for individuals interested in becoming contributors to the FlexUnit 4 project.

October 15th and 16th in Omaha, NE at the Heartland Developers Conference

    15th – From Concept to Concrete: Programming a Designer’s Vision
    16th – Reanimating Dead Data with Flex

October 17th and 18th in Raleigh, North Carolina at CFinNC

    Next Generation Testing

I hope you have the opportunity to participate and engage with the Flex community at some of these community events.


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