FlexUnit 4 Beta 2 is finally here (and it likes your CI Server)

Alright, it has been an insane few months but we are ready. FlexUnit 4 Beta 2 is now available on the adobe open source site. You can download the turnkey project to play with built libraries quickly or follow the directions on the Source page to grab the source yourself.

There are a huge number of fixes and enhancements in this version, all of which you can find for yourself on the release notes page but the largest change of note is the availability of CI tasks and a CI listener to allow easy hooks into the continuous integration system of your choice. A lot of hard work went into building and vetting these out on different platforms but I wanted to call out a few names in particular.

First, thanks to Peter Martin, because all of this was based on his original work for the FlexUnit .9 tasks. Second, thanks to Joe Adkins, Conrad Winchester, Brian LeGros, Xavi Beumala and Simeon Bateman all of who contributed to development, testing and/or generally being good spirits despite inevitable development slow-downs and hiccups. This is beta code, so there are a couple of caveats and to-do items still on the list, so please be sure to check out the README file in the sample project, or read it on the wiki.

So, take a few minutes, grab the bits and play around. If you have any questions or comments, in particular around the new CI tasks, head over to the FlexUnit forums. If you believe we mutually disagree on the definition of a functional feature, then please log it into the bug database.

This is a completely community run project and your help and support are always welcome.



    Awesome work on the CI integration! Having problems with the report generation though. The CIListener is outputting what is expected; i.e. the XML test data. However, the flexUnit Ant Task seems to be dropping some of the tests, failing to output them in into JUnit reports. For instance, I have a framework with 41 tests, 5 ignored, across 10 Suites. UIListener and CIListener both show 36 run with 5 ignored/skipped. However, on my CI server (Bamboo 2.3.1 build 1402), the flexunit ant task prints only 7 tests, 0 skipped, across 4 suites. Local builds are better, but I still only get 9 of 10 suites built.

    This behavior is not present with the .9 flexunit ant task; all tests/suites are printed.

    Hope this helps!

    Is there a CI solution for testing an AIR app w/ a test runner that is also an AIR app, not a Flex app? I.e. any way to use the flexunit Ant task to launch an AIR-based test runner?

    • by Russ Schmidt
    • 10:11 pm, November 2, 2009
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    Hi i have one query could u please help me , Panel control not supported for Flex Mobile Project in Flash builder 4.5. There is any alternate control to add some data dynamically (using Actin Script). please help me thanks in advance …

    • by Saidi Reddy
    • 4:05 am, September 28, 2011
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