Have you bought your Flex 36o Indy tickets yet?

They are selling fast, and it promises to be jam packed with geeky fun! I’ll be giving my session on How Not to Code Flex Applications, and doing a joint presentation with Mike Labriola on cleaner living with Flex Unit 4.

What does $550 buy you at 360|Flex Indy? – http://tinyurl.com/rxtkb9

  • Almost 60 sessions of Flex, AIR and ActionScript goodness
  • 4 days of conference sessions
  • 4 days of lunch (great for networking)
  • 3 evening receptions at Rock Bottom (again, great for networking)
  • 2 (maybe more) product launches (Axiis and others)
  • 1 Bug Quash event on Sunday (come make Flex better)
  • 1 Flex 101 hands-on also on Sunday (to get you prepped for the week)
  • 1 Charity Code Jam over the course of the show (to earn some Karma points)
  • 1 USB drive jam packed with copies of the sessions and code samples, plus some extra surprises
  • A chance to attend the only 360|Flex of 2009

So stop reading this and buy your tickets already, ok?

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