Fluint 1.1.0 Released

At the end of last week Fluint 1.1.0 was released. For those of you that don’t know, Fluint is a unit and integration testing framework that was originally developed as an internal tool here at digital primates. We decided to open it up to the world as we thought there was some benefit. Turns out that others thought so too.

The greatest thing about this new release is that almost all of the code was written and submitted by community members using the product. Here at DP we have been making some changes internally that we intend to offer back to the project (if the community wants to incorporate them) but in the meantime, the new build offers:

  • Better differentiation of errors and failures
  • Compliant XML output that can be used with JUnitReport and Surefire
  • A method of running Fluint on a headless CI server
  • Improved ant tasks
  • Improved separation of the test runner and tests with modules
  • Bug fixes and a menagerie of other features

At the end of the day, I am just proud to be a part of the project and want to offer a thank you to those who helped on the forums, submitted code or even just complained to bring things to our attention. So, thank you.

Soon we will begin active dialog on the next round of features, so if you are interested, please join the discussion.


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