Flex Camp 360 NJ

File this under the better late than never…


On September 26 and 27th, the folks who bring you Flex 360, put on a 2 day "Flex Camp" in New Jersery, which went over extremely well.  I was presenting on Testing with Fluint (formerly known as DPUint).  Of course, I promised my slides and materials would be up on here before the end of the weekend.  Well, realizing its over a week later, I'm finally getting them uploaded now.


So, if you were one of the many asking for those materials, here they are. 

source code


    Thanks , bt why I can’t open the file .

    • by Bob
    • 2:03 am, March 16, 2009

    Great, have been looking for a while, thanks.

    • by John
    • 1:11 am, November 16, 2009