Want to really learn Adobe Flex?

Next month (August 18 – 20) I will be speaking and listening at 360|Flex San Jose along with a cadre of some of the best Flex speakers in the world. While this conference certainly offers a ton for beginners and those adopting Flex, 360|Flex distinguishes itself by also offering content for intermediate and advanced teams.

This is a huge deal. Flex teams and developers are growing and evolving but many of the conferences and books (including my own) only focus on beginners. So how does a developer get to the next level in Flex knowledge? That is the most common question I am asked during consulting and mentoring gigs these days. My answer: Start by registering for this 360|Flex San Jose 2008. You will absorb an amazing amount of content, meet some really great people and learn a lot for a really reasonable price.

My topic specifically is about data binding. You know, those stupid little curly brackets that make all of the magic happen. Well, we are going to reveal the magician’s tricks, break it all down and learn it from the inside out. I promise you will leave the session with knowledge that will scare your peers and allow you to do horrible things that the Flex framework engineers never intended. Which is pretty much the goal of most of my sessions…

I hope I have the chance to see you there, so register and don’t delay. They will sell out and then you will be sad.



    I’m going to make sure to attend and see if I still remember my stuff 🙂

    • by Matt
    • 12:07 pm, July 15, 2008

    Okay, but you must promise not to hate me when I teach everyone to break all of the great code written so far.

    I’ll be there! It wiil be a wonderful opportunity to meet the greatest and also enjoy california!

    • by Alice
    • 12:07 pm, July 25, 2008

    I really enjoyed the Data Binding talk that Labriola gave. This guy has a knack for getting the concepts across in a fun way. Most informative and enlightening session attended so far at Flex 360. And I almost didn’t go as I thought I knew a lot about the evil curly brackets, I was wrong. Thanks for a great talk, Mike.

    • by Dave
    • 11:08 am, August 20, 2008