Dense and Hot from Down Under

I am back from webDU and quite groggy today, but I wanted to get my slides up online for those who wanted a copy. From this point forward I am going to be posting all of my slides on slideshare. As time permits, I will also post the balance of the better presentations from the last year online there as well.

I attend the majority of the North American Flex conferences, so I tend to meet up with the same presenters every few months. After a while, they all become friends, you have all of your geeky rants and you begin to learn how others approach problems. That is part of what makes webDU so much fun for me. It is almost entirely new crowd of people to meet, engage in harsh framework debates (sorry Robin) and learn from. I heard a lot of new ideas, saw several new approaches to solving Flex based problems and had the opportunity to have my somewhat stubborn mind changed by some creative arguments. All in all, it was a worthwhile event full of great attendees and speakers alike. Thanks to Geoff and Julie for their unending hospitality and dedication to this event.

conferences badge collection from the last year
On the plane on the way home, I started thinking about webDU as a set of bookends to the speaking engagements in the last year. It has been a pretty intense year. All of these conferences have been worthwhile and informative, but the most unusual, and frankly fun, was RIAPalooza in Chicago. This event occurred as a collaboration between Microsoft and Adobe, facilitated by a dedicated group of folks, especially our ‘Key Grip’ Michael Schaffner, and graciously hosted by the ITA (Illinois Technology Association).

riapalooze logo
At RIAPalooza, Josh Holmes, RIA Architect Evangelist for Microsoft, and I put on a session entitled Best and Worst Practices Building a RIA. The session used Josh’s slides as talking points, from which we expounded until they kicked us off the stage. It was a great time and Josh is a bright guy. Despite coming at the same problem from two different perspectives, we seem to agree on the focus of both efforts.

In any case, the spring speaking season is officially over. I get to spend some time at home now and catch up on all of the things that have been put on hold. See you all in August at 360 Flex San Jose.


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    Cheers for the Presso mate. It was great and really worth while. I have never enjoyed been told off for my bad habits so much lol.