Testing framework seeks contributors to extend, document and form a long term relationship

dpUInt started as an internal project needed to test frameworks we were developing. FlexUnit was falling short for us and we couldn’t build an enterprise component framework without a way to test it continually and reliably.
It worked for our needs, so we documented some of it, provided some examples and put it online for the community. Now the community seems to be adopting it quickly, which is fantastic, but our to-do list of features and extensions is growing faster than we can tackle it.

So, we are looking for contributors. People who are serious about helping us take the next dpUInt release (the actual 1.0 version) to a better place with more support for automated build systems, automated test running and to realize the integrated code coverage tool completely.

If you have some spare cycles for a worthy testing framework in need of additional love, please let us know. Join the google code group and give us a hand..



    Just signed up for the group. Looking forwards to contributing something!

    Probably not the place, but is there a chance you could throw up an example of testing a web service using Cairngorm? I’m trying to do this at the moment and am forever getting the below error message. The testing framework looks great, but there is definitely a serious lack of examples and tutorials out there.

    fail( "Timeout readed before event");

    • by Carrigaline
    • 5:05 am, May 30, 2008


    We can try to get something up on the dpUInt site. Sorry for the lack of examples, we are hoping to rectify that and provide more documentation in the future.