As though its been years…

Okay, so since the last time I managed to blog, I had an excellent time presenting ‘Dense and Hot’ in Milan Italy for 360 Flex. It was a great time with a great bunch of presenters. I am looking forward to what Tom and John manage to do with their next conference. Cheers Guys. I presented at a few events for Adobe and BEA, Flex Camp Wall Street, the Boston Flex Incubator group and the new Chicago Flex User Group. This week I am out in San Jose for the Adobe Community Summit and learning about the amazing things Adobe has in the pipeline. All I can say, is the next year is going to be exciting. Next week I am presenting a hands-on lesson in advanced component development and skinning at WebManiacs. Followed closely by ‘Dense and Hot’ at webDU in Sydney Australia. And just to bring things back around to the beginning, I will be presenting a brand new presentation at 360 Flex San Jose in August. It’s an hour and twenty minutes on the internals of data binding, which will, in my professional opinion, be absolutely awesome. Attached to this post are all of the slides I have been promising. Next week I will post the WebManiacs slides. To all those that made these past events great, thanks, each of these events was fantastic in its own way. I hope to see the rest of you at WebManiacs and 360 Flex. Labriola Download

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