So, I finally have copies of all 9 books I’ve worked on in a single location, in case you are interested, here is a picture

Its interesting, as it maps somewhat to the path of my career over the past 8 years, from the Spectra days, till my early days of Flash, up on through the most recent ColdFusion and Flex releases.

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    You are quickly becoming my favorite Flex/Air author. I have the 5 books on the right and a sixth not pictured… Breaking Out. Awesome read! One of the few that include a sample at that uses design patterns.

    I write with the hope of a response to a crucial decision I need to make quickly about frameworks. I like your clean Command-centric design but noticed the sample app was missing the typical Controller. Is your View code-behind somewhat of a pseudo controller for each View?

    I have reviewed 7 frameworks and my head is spinning with regard to decision. We are building an enterprise AIR application that will encompass 8 distinct modules.

    So the big questions. I really like your ‘framework’ style implemented in TimeTracker.
    Would the dp framework be suitable for a scaling app with 4 or 5 developers?
    Have you solved the bloating Controller with the code-behinds?

    I’m leaning towards following good practices and trusting my programmers will do the same so that we’re not ‘locked’ into a specific framework – since they all seem to have distinct weakness. I’m not sure if that’s prudent. What are your thoughts.

    Thanks for your input.


    • by Jeff Boothe
    • 3:01 pm, January 28, 2009