You can stop waiting, its been released.

I’m a bit late in releasing this news, but our “Flex 3 Training from the source book” was released last week, and is now available from our publisher, as well as the major online bookstores such as Amazon, and Barnes and Noble. Speaking of Amazon, we are currently the #843 best selling of all their books, #15 in the Computers and Internet / Software category, and #8 in Computers and Internet / Programming. Thanks to all of you who have bought our book, and pushed the sales ranks so high.

Anyhow, I know folks have been asking me for months when this book would finally be released, and the answer is, last week.



    Congrats on the new book release! I’m heading over to Amazon right now. See you guys at the next 360 event.

    Jeff, I am in the middle of Training from the source Flex2, (chapter 10)
    Should I switch over to the Flex 3 book now?

    Can you please specify how the Training from the source Flex3 is different from Training from the source Flex2. What are the additional lessons incorporated in latest version.. please advice?

    I am having great fun learning flex and am really impressed with this book. didn’t come out in the UK till last week.

    However I seem to be having an issue with the categorizedProducts.xml file It is empty. Am I missing something. I can access some of the other files on the flexgrocer site. Any suggestions please It has sort of stopped me dead.

    • by Trevor Ward
    • 6:05 am, May 9, 2008

    Hi, I’m working my way through Flex 3 Training from the Source. In lesson 6, in the HTTPService you refer to which doesn’t exist. I checked the errata’s which say use which doesn’t exist either. Can you fix the links or advise what URL to now use please. Thanks

    • by Kevin
    • 4:07 am, July 7, 2008