Flex 3: Training from the Source, Milan and AIR

The last few weeks have been rough. Serious client projects, exploring unexplored territory in the Flex/FMS and Flex/Java realms, way to many hours in front of computers that seem to get slower with every key I type. The weather sucks in Chicago and simply refuses to become spring.

But a shipment from Peachpit on Wednesday helped bring me out of my manic death spiral. The Flex 3 Training from the Source Books arrived. Less than a month after the release of Flex 3, the new book (another collaboration between Tapper, Boles, Talbot and I on the authoring side. Berling and Thomas on the editing) managed to make its way to the shelves.

We started working on this book at the last FlexManiacs (now WebManiacs) conference, so almost a year ago. Books take an impossibly long time to do well, and I am hoping this one works for those that choose to buy it. There are new lessons on modularizing Flex apps, AIR basics and using the profiler as well as countless small reworks and additions throughout the remaining lessons.

Right now Tapper and I are actually working diligently on our AIR book and trying to stay in front of an ‘aggressive’ schedule for completion. The timing is actually really good as I leave for 360 Flex Milan in a week and this will give me plenty to do on the plane.

So, for those of you who are in, or might make it to Europe, I look forward to seeing you soon. I plan on lugging a handful of these books over the Atlantic to give away to those who ask. For those of you on the fence about going to 360 Flex, just register already. They just announced that day one is actually free for everyone, now you have no excuse. It is going to be another great Flex conference and I am anxious to see it play out.



    I can’t wait to read the new book. Despite placing a pre-order with amazon, they’ve apparently run out of copies and don’t expect another batch until mid May. Oh well.

    • by Brian
    • 12:04 pm, April 9, 2008


    Contact me offline and let me see what I can for you.


    This book is awesome except for one thing: a lot of the source code seems to be missing. For lesson 17: Working with Web Services, none of the XML or ColdFusion files are on the disc and I can’t find them on the companion website for the Flex 2 book (the ColdFusion files for the web services that is). Is there somewhere else online that I can find these files so that I can continue through the book and learning Flex?

    • by Will
    • 12:05 pm, May 9, 2008


    The files are installed when you install the cold fusion server. Follow the directions in the appendix to do this.

    Also, check out http://www.flexgrocer.com for the actual xml files if you are missing anything.