Dense and Hot – 360 Flex Atlanta

Okay, so Atlanta wasn’t actually all that warm this week, but I still had a great time at 360 Flex Atlanta. Tapper and I did a grueling all day Flex 101 session on Sunday. It was, in Jeff’s word’s, ‘brutal’ as the class material provided was really designed for about 20 individuals, and we had 72. Nonetheless, I think everyone walked away with some new knowledge and hopefully a few ideas on how flex could be used in future projects.

I also hung out and helped a little in Dan Wilson’s ‘Creating an XML Reader Application in Flex’ which went off very well despite a few Internet access problems at the hotel. These two sessions collectively provided a great base for those trying to learn Flex and a really incredible amount of hands on experience for a conference this size.

Next, I spoke briefly about dpUInt and our upcoming beta of the flex-hibernate adapter at a great break out session on open source projects in the Flex community. I encourage everyone to learn about these awesome projects that only exist because of a huge number of volunteer hours from a lot of talented people.

Finally, I gave an hour and twenty minute long presentation on the first few hundred milliseconds of your Flex Application startup. It was a great, geeky session with gems of knowledge held in vast detail on the effort undertaken by the Flex framework on your behalf. It had a particular focus on living in harmony with the framework rather than fighting it on every step.

It was a hell of a lot of fun, so feel free to look at the slides and, of course, attend 360 Flex Milan.



    Dude: Thanks for posting these slides. Your session rocked. By far best one at 360.

    • by Dave
    • 1:02 pm, February 27, 2008


    Thanks again for helping out in the session. I don’t think we would have finished on time without you. It was cool having you there. Lemme know if you have any backpacks that need logistical rearrangement.



    Gracias por ayudarnos en la clase de Flex. Imagino que demorriamos tanto sin tu ayuda. Fue un gusto compartir la clase contigo.

    Advisame si tienes algun bolsa que requisite mudar.

    Dan Wilson


    Gracias. Si quieres hablar en espanol, no hay una problema.


    hi, i just attended your NY Flex Group presentation.. i want to thank you for the wonderful presentation. it explains a whole lot and pushes you to create the app on the next level.

    would love to see more such presentations…!!!!!!! geek talk rawks..

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    • 5:04 am, April 8, 2008

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    • by Sergiy
    • 5:04 am, April 8, 2008


    No problem. Feel free to translate/reports

    thank you so much

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    • 3:10 pm, October 26, 2008

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