360 Flex Atlanta

Next Sunday, Jeff Tapper and I are going to be handling the Flex 101 at 360 Flex Atlanta. While we have worked together for quite some time, it will be the first time Jeff and I actually teach together. We have drastically different styles but immense respect for each other’s knowledge, so this should be a hell of a lot of fun. So come join us and we’ll pick up lunch.

Then on Tuesday, I get to present ‘Dense and Hot’ my hour-long introduction to the first milliseconds of your Flex Application. This is the first time I am doing this presentation and it should be pure geeky goodness.

Most sessions I do are aimed at the purely practical. That’s because most of my knowledge comes from reverse engineering so I take a very harsh, survival approach to knowledge. (Figure out what you need to know and remember how to find what you can’t carry with you)

However, this session is just for fun. It’s a ton of really cool information, and while it has practical implications, the session itself is about knowledge for geeky knowledge’s sake. So come listen to, participate with, make fun of, or simply grab a beer with, me at 360 Flex Atlanta. (And if you can’t make this one, we can always meet up at 360 Flex Milan)


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