Hey, what am I doing on blogs.digitalprimates.net?

I've been a bit slow in getting this announcement out, as I see several other bloggers have already posted on this, but the rumors are true.  Tapper, Nimer and Associates. Inc. has teamed up with Digital Primates Inc.    Some of you may recall, it was just over a year ago that I teamed up with Mike Nimer to form Tapper, Nimer and Associates.  It's quite an odd experience for me to go from a solo propietorship to a team of 15 or so developers in about 16 months.   With all the great minds from both our companies working together, we will be able to help more customer on bigger and better projects.  

Many of you probably know Mike Labriola for his work on custom Flex Components, he has extended the Flex framework in ways that the developers at Adobe never even imagined.  He is also frequently speaking at conferences and User groups.  Both Nimer and I ran across him at dozens of speaking events across the country, and as we talked, we found there were far more similarities between us then differences. 

One of our first meetings at a conference ended up with him as a co-author on the Flex 2 book.  A year and a half of meeting at conferences later, and we were helping each other out on projects so frequently that it made sense to explore further integrating our companies.  When the opportunity for Nimer and I to join forces with him and his company, it was much too enticing to pass up.

We are looking forward to doing great work together, continuing to build cutting-edge applications for our clients, continuing to teach the world to build better RIAs, and continuing to serve the community. 

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